IMS is Highly Expertise in Their Financial Research and Analysis by which They are conquered the Markets of their Field with No.1 in India with 12 year of their Existence From Last 12 years.Our company has been the leading consultancy provider of stocks , commodity and currency services to traders world wide .
We pay attention to every aspect of our work.

Our Main Priority is To Have Best Client Relationship By Providing Individualistic & Exclusive Client Care Through Our Accurate Predictions Which Gives you Maximum Profits. IMS We Understand That The most important Factor Which Keeps us Motivated and Helps us Grow is our Large Happy Customer Base Across India and Global as well Who Always provide us with their valuable Feedback Regarding Our Excellent Performance, Accuracy, Consistency, Dedication, Determination, Knowledge, Support, and Client Relations.We do understand very well That Consistency is Always More important than History.

A WORD FROM Managing Director

We Always keep our Team Ahead by Providing Sufficient and Accurate Market knowledge so as to keep our investors well Updated on The Same and Minimize The Risk involved on Their investments. IMS Team is well known For its Past experience in Technical Research For Many years and Now Has Succeeded Exceptionally well in All the Fields of Short Term Trading. We are a Reputed Stocks, Commodities and currencies Research Service Providing company.We very well understand the importance of Speed, Accuracy and Consistency At Which Message is to be Passed to the Trader in Order to Maximize the Benefits.Our Management Philosophy is Based on Responsibility and Mutual Respect ,People At IMS consultancy services That encourages Creativity and Achievement.The Team includes 100+ staff members, Representing over sufficient years of experience .IMS Team has organized to Draw the Most Successful Profitable Environment in Stocks , Commodity and currency Market.

Managing Director / IMS Consultancy Services


Stocks, Commodity & Currency Services - 12 years 9510
Technical & Fundamental Analysis - 10 years 8010
Trading Advisory Research & Analysis - 8 years 7010
Portfolio Management Services - 7 years 6510
Years Of Experience
Happy Clients



IMSCS have more responsible for handle our clients to educate current trends of commodity, share trading signals graph as well as portfolio management services.


We always respect and encourage our clients and expect to grow high level.


We give 100% transparent to our clients and portfolio management plans.


IMS is well established and trustworthy company for all investors who are need to grow in your life.